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Our adventure from trash ☠️ to qualified leads 💎

After creating and scaling Growth and Sales Ops processes, I noticed that every sales wanted leads. But not everyone knows how to qualify them.

That’s why on average, 80% of leads injected into a CRM do not transform.

Prioritizing leads is therefore a key business issue for Sales, Growth & Marketing teams. And this qualification can be automated and simple, you don’t have to call all your leads or implement a complex scoring matrix.

How to prioritize your leads?

First, you have to identify 3 main cohorts: Unqualified Leads (Trash Leads), Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Unqualified Leads ☠, or “trash” leads will not lead to a business opportunity because they are out of scope (bad region, candidates, etc…). There is no point in keeping them in your prospecting database, especially when you pay your CRM to the number of leads.

Marketing Qualified Leads ☄️ are qualified in terms of criteria but do not yet respond to marketing stimuli (not enough website visits, email openings, follow-up on social networks, newsletters clicks, demo requests). It is key to identify them to put them in lead nurturing loops and retarget advertising audiences. When you know that Lead Nurturing costs 33% less in terms of ROI than acquiring Inbound or Outbound, it's worth it!

Sales Qualified Leads 🎉 who meet all the persona criteria and take actions that require the action of a Sales to work on the business opportunity. This is gold for salespeople. It is urgent to contact them to create a business opportunity and advance the closing of Sales.

How to set-up my qualification criteria ?

This qualification can be set-up with Ideal Customer Persona attributes. These attributes or traits concerned both your customer profile such as Job Title, Seniority and your customer’s company such as Industry, Location, Revenue, Employees.

Lead Qualification gives you insights about the quality of your lead, whereas Lead Scoring gives your insights about the activity of your lead. And both fit and engagement score are decisive parameters to create effective Lead nurturing and leverage the data in your CRM.

Some custom attributes can also be found on your inbound forms as data points or can be enriched. To find your perfect fit, spend time with your sales teams and analyse your clients proprieties within your CRM.

You could try for free to set-up your Ideal Customer Persona criteria with our platform. After setting-up your Ideal Customer Persona profile, all your new leads will be instantly qualified.

It is a nice way to align your Sales & Marketing teams towards conversion, and the perfect start for cleaning your data and focus on the right leads.

Ona Marquardt
Hello I'm Ona and I head up our Customer Experience (CX) team. When not CX'ing, I love cooking on wood fires, smashing tennis balls and all fun outdoor activities.

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Our adventure from trash ☠️ to qualified leads 💎

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