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Growth Enablement Platform

Instantly qualify all your Inbound Leads thanks to our dedicated Lead management software.

Already used by the smartest B2B Growth teams

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Your auto-pilot SDR to qualify and convert your leads.
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Easy Collect
Collect all your leads from several sources in one place
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Benefit from our B2B Data Enrichment: lead seniority, company maturity and 10+ more attributes.
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Growth Enablement
Make your own Lead attribution model and accelerate by 50% your funnel conversion.
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Get real-time visibility into your Inbound Growth, with a neat weekly dashboard.

Enrich all your inbound leads in one place

Our crystal-clear Lootbox helps you to understand and build custom activable audiences thanks to our integrated data enrichment API with +20 B2B attributes.
Leadbox from Looti to deal with your inbound leads and instant qualification
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Set-up your own prioritising rules‍

Define your qualification traits directly on our platform to help you prioritize all you new incoming leads.
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Adjust your rules when you want.
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Possibility to add custom attributes.
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Do not waste time on unqualified leads.
Looti platform to better qualify your B2B leads thanks to attributes
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Notify your sales team right on time

Optimize your lead distribution to accurate salespeople or marketing channels.
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Send your leads to the right conversion funnel
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Follow-up your conversion per audience
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Gain precious time over your worfklows
List of leads to qualify with Looti software

The 3 step route to conversion.
Smarter qualification for faster growth.

Send us your leads effortlessly, from several data sources: CRM, Ads, webinars, forms...
Get 20+ smart tags from your leads to better segment and route them for conversion
Edit activation rules to instantly send leads to the right funnel thanks to our integrations
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Why Looti ?

Most Lead Scoring softwares work against you, than for you. Shift to our simple that actually does what it claims.
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Features included :
Free set-up and easy onboarding
Data enrichment included
API access
Provides 24/7 live support
Integrates seamlessly with your CRM
Get weekly insights reports
Other Softwares
Features not included :
Complicated fee set-up
Lack of accurate data
Have poor support
Have spotty integrations
No data reports
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Works with all your favourite tools

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Collect, enrich and qualify your leads, at scale.

API and Platform Access
100 free credits
Up to 1000 monthly leads
Powerful integrations
Cards for your whole team.
Fraud protection, zero liability.
Fraud protection, zero liability.
No personal guarantee
Cards for your whole team.
Cards for your whole team.