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Turn your leads
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Instantly qualify your CRM contacts thanks to AI profiling 🤖
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Already used by 10+ B2B Growth teams

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Your auto-pilot SDR to qualify and convert your leads.
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Easy Collect
Collect all your leads from several sources in one place
A chest full of gems representing qualified leads
Benefit from our B2B Data Enrichment: lead seniority, company maturity and 10+ more attributes.
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Growth Enablement
Make your own Lead attribution model and accelerate by 50% your funnel conversion.
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Get real-time visibility into your Inbound Growth, with a neat weekly dashboard.

All your leads enriched with smart data

Our crystal-clear Lootbox helps you to understand and build custom activable audiences.
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Collect all your sources: website signups, CRM lists...
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+20 B2B attributes enriched from your forms
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Get a clear view of your top business opportunities
Leadbox from Looti to deal with your inbound leads and instant qualification
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Looti platform to better qualify your B2B leads thanks to attributes

Set-up your own

Define your qualification traits directly on our platform to help you prioritize all you new incoming leads.
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Adjust your rules when you want.
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Possibility to add custom attributes.
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Do not waste time on unqualified leads.

Notify your sales team right on time

Optimise and convert your leads twice as more with accurate activation channels.
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Send your leads to the right conversion funnel
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Follow-up your conversion per audience
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Gain precious time over your worfklows
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The 3 step route to conversion.
Smarter qualification for faster growth.

Send us your leads effortlessly, from several data sources: CRM, Ads, webinars, forms...
Smart Classification
Get 20+ smart tags from your leads to better segment and route them for conversion
Edit activation rules to instantly send leads to the right funnel thanks to our integrations
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Why Looti ?

Most Lead Scoring softwares work against you, than for you. Shift to our simple that actually does what it claims.
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Features included :
Free set-up and easy onboarding
Data enrichment included
API access
Provides 24/7 live support
Integrates seamlessly with your CRM
Get weekly insights reports
Other Softwares
Features not included :
Complicated fee set-up
Lack of accurate data
Have poor support
Have spotty integrations
No data reports
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Enrich and qualify your leads,
at scale.

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